Cables ‘n Chargers was put up in 2020 by tech design and accessories experts with experience spanning 20 years. Headquarter in Toronto, our sole purpose is to collate the best products with reliable performance and trusted warranty. When we say best products, we mean products that not only perform well, but also come with excellent aftersales service. 

Why Cables ‘n Chargers

The market is flooded with many sub par products that consumers aren’t aware of. Cables ‘n Chargers’ range of products are not only quality tested, they are also backed up by the industry’s seal of approval. Going through the rigorous testing and marked by UL, RoHS and ETL certificates, we are confident of each product that goes out into the market.

Our confidence is based on years of experience in the tech industry. 20 years of production, manufacturing and design, have propelled us to create simple yet innovative designs aimed to improve technology. We’re confident, so we offer a return policy and a limited one year warranty. If you’re not satisfied and if our products do not perform at par then you are welcom to return it.

Our products are shipped from our warehouses located in two places: our headquarter in Toronto and New York City. We use all major shipping carriers and you can choose between via ground or air 

Customer service will also not disappoint. If you need help with your product or are not satisfied, you can reach us through our customer service hotline or through the website messaging platform. Why Cables ‘n Chargers? Because we care that you’re satisfied with the product and our service.