Bullet 2 Port 4.8 Amp Universal USB Car Charger Car Charger Caseco Black
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Car Phone Charger Black

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Wall Charger with 2.4A - Pulse Wall Charger Caseco
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Usb Wall Charger With 2.4A Pulse

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LG V60 ThinQ Wireless Chargers

In our modern, highly technological society, unsightly wires and tangly cables are regarded as obtrusive and obsolete. Tripping on cables and wires is supposed to be a thing of the past. Wireless is truly the way to go now.

You should ask yourself what the best wireless charger would be to suit your needs and lifestyle. In Caseco, there’s an option for whatever need you may have. Read more to find out.

Mobile In Every Way

Maintain a truly mobile experience when you use Caseco’s 8000mAh wireless powerbank. Expect instant charging upon contact and a Qi certification that meets both Apple and Android wireless charging standards. You can even help someone out and charge 3 devices at once with 2 USB-A ports simultaneously with your wireless charging. And don’t worry about charging time as 10 watts of recharging power offers the quickest way to juice up!

Cute and Compact Just For You

Charge your Qi capable phone with just the cutest and the most compact wireless charger from Caseco. Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, both the Apollo and Nitro II wireless charging pad offers the quickest charging with its 10 watts of charging power. We guarantee satisfaction or your money back but then, with a 12-month warranty that’s enough to say that we’re sure of our products. Plug it with the Qualcomm Quick Charger 3.0 Wall charger and you’re sure to have your phone fully charged and ready by the time you finish reading this paragraph.

Keeping It Safe And Sanitized

In the current situation, you can’t be too careful. It’s nice to have your quick wireless charger but it’s better to have a UV sanitizer to go with it. That’s what the Caseco UV Phone Sanitizer with Wireless Charger aims to accomplish. If you're a frontliner who needs to keep in contact with people in need, then you’ve got to make sure that you’re safe as well. Charge and Sanitize, safely - conveniently. At Caseco, we’ve got you covered.

No Expense Spared For Mother Earth And Charity

We, at Caseco, promise environmental responsibility. We design and make our products while putting ecological liability in careful consideration. Proceeds are also shared with our charities from every sale we make. Every purchase from us means that you are paying it forward as well.