iPhone 13 Launch And Details - Everything You Need to Know

iPhone 13 launching

I guess it’s now safe to say “hold your breath everybody.” Apple has just sent out invitations to their “California Streaming” event, so the iPhone 13 release date is pretty much confirmed. It would seem that Apple has gone back to its usual schedule of releasing its premier devices in September.

We know you’re all excited to hear what’s new with the latest iPhone release, so here’s a rundown of what we know so far:

  • We’re still getting 4 phones like the iPhone 12 lineup
  • The notch is smaller (Yay!)
  • A faster A15 Bionic chip
  • Always on display (Finally!)
  • Dynamic 120Hz displays (for Pro models)
  • Larger cameras (again for Pro only)
  • Larger batteries across the range

There have been a few rumors that the new iPhones to come from Apple would be called 12S. That’s because the S phones were generally the same as their predecessors with a few key improvements. However, a video leak that showed an iPhone 13 Pro Max case seems to confirm the naming of the new handsets. But the video was quickly taken down by the owner, so I guess we’ll have to wait till the announcement from Apple. So, let’s just call them iPhone 13 for now. 

iPhone 13 rollout schedule

I’m sure you’re still wondering: when is the iPhone 13 coming out? After all, the iPhone 12 was released quite late last year. However, as we’ve said Apple has already sent out invitations to their September 14 online event. And if we follow almost all of the past iPhone launches, it seems that we can expect preorders to be open on the 17th with an official release on September 24. These dates perfectly line up with previous release timelines.

iPhone 13 price

The all-important question for everyone: how much will the iPhone 13 cost? We can expect that Apple will keep the price competitive. I mean, they do tend to keep it close to the price of the previous models. That said, we can expect close to $699, $799, $999, and $1,099. But with the global chip shortage which has increased silicon prices, we may or may not see this passed on to consumers for this year’s iPhone models. If you’re in the market for a new flagship phone and considering the iPhone 13, you should also invest in iPhone 13 durable phone cases. Our parent company, Caseco eco-friendly iPhone 13 phone cases so stay tuned. 

iPhone 13 launch date

iPhone 13 design

In terms of design, there’s not much to notice as the new phone will look very close to the one that came before it. What you will notice is that the notch is significantly smaller on the iPhone 13 line by as much as 25%. Also, the base models will get a new rear camera layout, sporting a diagonal theme. Other noticeable changes to the outer appearance are the movement of the earpiece which is now closer to the top bezel, thanks to a leak on iPhone 13 screen protectors, and power button and sim tray placement. Lastly, the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro will still have similar dimensions but the rear cameras of the 13 Pro are taken directly from the iPhone 13 Pro Max and will have a larger bump than the vanilla version. This means you can’t switch phone cases like in the 12 and 12 Pro so take note. 

iPhone 13 internals

Under the hood are some improvements to make your life a little better. You get a great 120Hz “ProMotion” display that supports dynamic refresh rates and always-on display, larger camera sensors, and an upgraded ultrawide lens for pro-quality pictures. This is all thanks to the new A15 Bionic chip and the iOS 15 that was featured last June. Alas, Apple is still sticking with its Face ID system and will not implement an in-display fingerprint sensor - bummer!

iPhone 13 battery

Apple promises to improve the battery life of their iPhones with every new iteration so these ones are no different. Not to say that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have any trouble in that department if it’s at least as good as the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phones will most likely still support MagSafe charging but with better magnets this time around. Since Apple is still trying to push wireless charging, investing in an iPhone 13 wireless charging pad should be worth considering if you don’t already have one.  

What’s in the box?

It’s safe to assume that there will be no charger for the iPhone 13 line as they’re pushing for other ways to power up their phones. There are no leads as to what you’ll get in the box but we might see them cut the headphones and cable as well. It may not please most consumers but that gives them the freedom to choose how they would like to charge their new iPhone. If I were you, I’d start looking at iPhone 13 cables that suit your preferred way of charging as well. 

That’s all we know so far. Be sure to check out the event to get definitive answers to all these speculations.